Monday, February 23, 2009

Alternatives to Face-to-Face Lecture in a Physical Classroom

In an online class, there are numerous alternatives to lecture - the title of this posting is a hyperlink to a web page listed FIFTY alternatives to lecture. Many faculty find that they can move away from lecturing and toward constructivism - with an emphasis on reading and threaded discussions.

However, faculty may feel that some content still may be best delivered as a presentation. For such content, one can use:

Narrated PowerPoint Lectures - Impatica, Slideshare-Slidecast

Screen Capture - Jing

Audio - Podcast

Video - Flip video posted to YouTube, Logitech webcam

Students can also produce audio and video content - Examples of student-generated content - Max (video), Yuri (audio)

Live Sessions - Elluminate Live, Centra (Prof. Sarah Cordell example)

Prof. Lanny Arvan's thoughts on online presentations.

While discussing tools for synchronous audio and video - these tools also can be used for synchronous office hours - Elluminate VRoom (three for free), Skype, ooVoo

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